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Downloading the New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition Bible

If you want a text file of a United States Conference of Catholic Bishops approved translation of the bible, you’re going to need to scrape a website that allows you to read one. This is a bit of a copyright gray-area, so make sure you are using this for research purposes and not distributing copies.

Note that the steps in this post are for creating a monolithic version without navigation, intended to be read from beginning to end. Maybe even in one sitting if you’re feeling up to it! Feel free to copy and modify this code to fit your formatting needs.

Download the HTML files

I used https://biblegateway.com. This step gets all the passage URLs (1328 of them in this edition) and then downloads them.

wget https://www.biblegateway.com/versions/New-Revised-Standard-Version-Catholic-Edition-NRSVCE-Bible/#booklist -O booklist
# Replace -P 4 with however many cores you want to use.
# Or remove for single-threade mode
grep -Po "(/passage/.*?NRSVCE)" ../gatewaylist | sed 's/amp;//g' | awk '{print "\"wget '\''https://biblegateway.com" $1 "'\'' -O " NR ".html\""}' | xargs -n 1 -P 4 -I @ sh -c "@"

Extract the relevant section

I’m using Python and BeautifulSoup for this.

Create a script that reads HTML and keeps only the passage title and section.

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
from sys import argv

with open(argv[1]) as f:
    soup = BeautifulSoup(f, 'html.parser')
    print('<b>' + soup.body.find('div', attrs={'class':'dropdown-display-text'}).text + '</b>')
    print(soup.body.find('div', attrs={'class':'version-NRSVCE result-text-style-normal text-html'}).decode_contents())

Create the monolith

Run the script on all files and concatenate

# Don't use -P on xargs here, it will be out of order
ls | grep html | sort -n | xargs -n 1 -I @ python ../gateway_extract.py @ > ~/nrsvce_bible.html

Optionally clean up some characters

I intend to use speed-type on passages, so I am removing some characters like smart quotes and long dashes.

sed -i'.bk' s/[”“]/'"'/g nrsvce_bible.html 
sed -i'.bk' s/[—]/'--'/g nrsvce_bible.html


Here’s an image of the result (blurred to avoid copyright issues) blurred_bible.png

I intend to speed read and practice speed typing using the spray-mode and speed-type Emacs packages, respectively. I loaded the file with eww-open-file, and saved a plain text version with no links to the footnotes. I couldn’t figure out how to keep a bookmark of my current cursor position in a rendered html buffer using the built-in bookmark functionality (or with bookmark+).

Relevant bookmark shortcuts

  • C-x r m (reMember bookmark)
  • C-x r l (List bookmarks)
  • C-x r b (jump to Bookmark)

Useful navigation shortcuts

  • C-SPC - set mark
  • M-} - move to end of next paragraph
  • M-{ - move to beginning of previous paragraph
  • M-x speed-type-region - Enter speed-type mode for region (use previous shortcuts to select paragraphs)
  • M-x spray-mode - Enter speed reading mode