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Dream Progress (I had a lucid dream!)

For many years of my life, I have been trying to master the art of lucid dreaming. I haven’t been very successful. For the most part I simply had no dream recall at all! I kept trying to keep a dream journal, kept repeating various mantras before I went to sleep and during the day. Nothing was working. Looking back I’m sure that the cause of my failure has been due to a lack of structure. I never turned any of the aforementioned practices into ingrained habits. I wasn’t organizing my life. I was sleeping whenever, waking up whenever, not making it a habit to just write down and structure anything important about my life, let alone cataloging my dreams. I am now scheduling everything, recording any idea that seems somewhat valuable, waking up early and exercising, logging my progress, and trying to cut out any time wasters. I’ll take another opportunity to praise Org-mode for helping me achieve all this.

I just had a lucid dream!

The trigger for the dream was me thinking “OK better remember this for the dream journal!.. wait I’m actually IN the dream right now! I’m going to try to fly!” I levitated a bit, and the dream ended shortly after, but it was still an amazing experience! I started the dream journal on 2021-03-09, and just one week later my brain seems to be making leaps and bounds in the dream-recall department.

I recently started making an effort to be more organized

I decided to get organized in order to take control of my life in order to better make progress and be a better person. I decided to keep a dream journal, not in order to lucid dream, but to maximize the value of the time I spend asleep. I’d rather not let 8 hours of my day be a complete waste.

This stress-free approach to sleep and dream mastery is the key for me

I used to keep myself up trying various lucid dream induction techniques. Wake Back To Bed, Wake Induced Lucid Dreams, Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dreams, etc. Sitting in bed chanting instead of relaxing basically. It just didn’t work. Now I simply want to ensure I don’t miss out on any good ideas in my dreams. The dream recall started to skyrocket after setting out to do this.

I hope this helps you if you are looking to take control of your dreams!