Making This Site

Posted on March 14, 2021

This site is generated by means of:

  • Hakyll - For compiling this static website using a combination of html templates and org files
  • Various Org files (which I use to organize about every aspect of my life)
  • Syncthing (for syncing org files from multiple devices)
  • Emacs editor for Org-mode and just general awesomeness and supplying us the whole world at our fingertips. At the time of this writing I am even using the Emacs X Window Manager (EXWM)
  • Orgzly for basic editing of Org files on the go on my Android device, so that I can always save those fleeting ticklers or ideas and flesh them out in an organized way wherever I am. Besides being able to produce content for this site and other notes, I use it to keep track of my schedule and TODO lists on the go as well.

Here is the source for this site’s generator

Hakyll, with the Pandoc compiler make it easy to fuse the daily chronicling of things I learn, notable events, and whatever tickles my fancy, with this site and by extension the rest of the world.

For example, a knowledge base composed of a directory of Org files that I will be editing on many different devices in many different locations, not just on the machine I will use to write posts. This knowledge base is symlinked from my syncthing folder to the site generator folder, where it gets compiled when I build my site. Basically all content on this site is compiled from org files linked from my main org repository.

There was one issue with the standard Hakyll example for achieving everything I want on this site. I want to export org files that link to other org files and have the links converted to the resulting .html files. The solution is detailed in my next blog post.